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Do you really need a Real Estate Agent to buy a house???

REALTORS have direct access to the MLS here in Texas. This is important because real estate agents utilize the MLS to list properties for sale and buyer's agents utilize it to locate homes for potential purchasers to view. 

The MLS does also serve as a data source for websites that allow you to search for homes, including Zillow,, and However, since it is the primary database for real estate listings, the MLS receives listings first. The information is then funneled down to other property search websites at a later point after it has been posted on the MLS. 

This is the reason a real estate agent might inform you that a home you like on Zillow or is no longer available. The MLS updates more regularly than home searching websites, to put it simply.

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The operational quality I offer, from selection to service, is undeniable as I lead my clients with a kind, laid-back attitude that embodies the Texas way of life.

My responsibility is to work out the best price and arrangement for YOU. Any details you provide concerning your situation are kept completely private. Your position in the negotiating process is never discussed with anyone but you! I'm totally committed to you!


The vast majority of individuals only purchase four to five homes throughout their lifetimes. In a single month, most agents close between four to six homes! What's the point of going through such a process alone? Having a buyer's agent by your side to advise you from beginning to end is free for you. So why then would you not have one to represent you?!?

Rents are continuing to go up and I’m helping people jump over to ownership...

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Hi! I'm Autumn.

As a full time, professional real estate agent, I pride myself on offering a strong commitment to both my neighborhood and the real estate industry. I focus my efforts as a member of the NextHome RGV REALTY family, on assisting clients during the entire home buying and selling process. I am great at finding homes in your price range, completing paperwork, locating buyers/sellers, investment opportunities, and so much more. I especially enjoy working with first-time home buyers and investors.  I have experience in tax accounting, multi-family database research, and startups consultancy. I also hold a degree from Saint Leo University and a diploma from Atlanta Technical College. My interests include parenting, cosmetology, entrepreneurship, real estate investing, and interior design.

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